Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

Send and receive text messages directly through MS Dynamics

About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM is a leading customer resource management and enterprise resource planning software.

The MS Dynamics integration allows you to easily incorporate SMS into business processes and streamline communications within a single source of truth. Empower your sales teams to build strong relationships with customers and close sales faster

Microsoft Dynamics CRM features

  • Two-way messaging: Send and receive messages within MS Dynamics. Manage on-going conversations with customers and create engaging experiences.
  • Automated workflows: Save time with automated messages in your MS Dynamics workflows. Choose fields and values to trigger messages within set rules.
  • 1:1 contact messaging: Send messages directly from contact or lead profiles. Sales reps can easily manage 1:1 conversations at scale.
  • Message personalisation: Create personal messages with merge fields. Include your recipients’ names and data to tailor content to their needs.
  • Custom templates: Streamline and standardise the experience for your customers and staff with templates for your messages.
  • Activity history records: Get a full view of customer communications with messages automatically logged on contact profiles.

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