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Send automated SMS entry management alerts with MessageMedia and LoopSafe

About LoopSafe

LoopSafe makes it simpler, quicker, and more efficient for organisations to ensure the health and safety of their communities and people in their care. It provides a single system to manage all entry requirements, for all people, entering your organisations premises.

The LoopKiosk allows staff, visitors, contractors and members of your community to quickly and easily sign in when they arrive on site. All entry requirement processes are built in to LoopSafe’s combined hardware and software solution, including temperature checks, face id authentication, document checks, contacts details and screening questions.

LoopSafe features

The MessageMedia integration allows automatic SMS alerts to be sent to designated staff members whenever a person fails to pass all entry requirements when signing in via a LoopKiosk. This could be due to a high temperature being detected, failing a screening questions or not having a valid required document - such as flu vaccination evidence.

This frees your staff from needing to be constantly monitoring entry points, enabling them to move about their workplace with the confidence of knowing that they will be alerted if they are required to attend to a denied entry attempt.


Automatically trigger SMS notifications to an unlimited number of set recipients in response to:

  • High Temperature Detected: When a high temperature reading is taken by a LoopKiosk sign in terminal
  • Failed Screening Question: When a contact submits a response to a screening question on a LoopKiosk sign in terminal that is flagged for follow up.
  • Invalid Documents: When a contact attempts to sign in via a LoopKiosk terminal and doesn’t have valid required documents, such as; flu vaccination, police check, insurance validity, or internal induction or training requirements
  • Visitor Limits Exceeded: When a contact attempts to sign in via a LoopKiosk terminal when the Person Capacity Limits for that building/host are at maximum.
  • Visitor Departure time reached: When a visitor is still on site at the completion of their booking time / maximum permitted time on site limit is reached.

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