Clintel CareRight integration

Integrated 2-way SMS via MessageMedia.

About Clintel CareRight

Company Description:

Clintel has been in operation since 2006, providing clinical software, medical specialist software, medical software management as well as expertise to Australasian based healthcare providers. Our medical & clinical clients vary from major government departments to individual medical specialists and large, complex private medical organisations.

Integration Description:

CareRight allows for automated 2-way SMS linked to appointments and also manual SMS to be sent. We integrate with MessageMedia so that all SMS sent and replies received are linked to the patient in CareRight - allowing full tracking of incoming and outgoing SMS correspondence.

Clintel CareRight features

  • 2-way SMS reminders (cost of sending SMS is not included)
  • Automated reminders for each appointment type
  • 2-way SMS — patient can respond
  • Centralised correspondence within CareRight
  • Automated confirmation of appointment
  • Full medico legal record of correspondence sent
  • Email patient direct or any party via direct link to Microsoft Outlook
  • Electronically send patient/carer smart forms for completion via SMS.

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Clintel CareRight listing screenshots

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