Insyte integration

The SMS integration between Accent Software’s Insyte and MessageMedia allows you to easily send messages to keep customers informed on their upcoming Appointments and other important notification messages. With the Insyte SMS Gateway, you can either send scheduled automated or individual messages to your customers.

About Insyte

Accent Software's flagship software package Insyte CRM for the window Furnishing industry. Be at the Competitive Edge of the industry and Grow Revenue.

Insyte features

Some key features:

  • Automated SMS notifying your customers of their upcoming Appointments, etc
  • Customer responses are automated updates the Appointment in Insyte

Getting started

Click the 'Install' button above, or visit the MessageMedia and Insyte by Accent Software partner registration page to create an SMS account.

Generating your API key

After a plan has been selected and you're in the MessageMedia portal, navigate on the left hand side to:

  1. Configuration
  2. API Settings
  3. Basic Authentication > Create New Key
  4. Give your key a label > Select Create Key.

On this next screen, be sure to copy your API key and secret. Once you close the box, you won't be able to see these again (although you can easily create another).

For a more visual guide please check our support article

Configure the SMS Gateway within Accent Software

Now that your MessageMedia account is activated and API credentials are created, you need to configure the SMS Gateway within Insyte to send messages to your customers easily.

To configure this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Select your Name in top right of the screen,

  2. Click “Setting” from the dropdown list,

  3. Click and expand “Integration” menu,

  4. Click “Configure SMS Integration” link,

  5. Select a Business Unit,

  6. Enter Username,

  7. Enter Password, and

  8. Click “Save”.

Ready to go?

The easiest way to send engaging messages to your customers