WooCommerce integration

Deepen your customer relationships and build loyalty with the power of SMS messaging

About WooCommerce integration

A MessageMedia integration with Woo Commerce lets you create brilliant automated customer experiences through meaningful SMS engagement. Send text messages to your customers to confirm orders, shipping and returns - and more!

You can also add automations to receive SMS alerts on new sales and activity in your store so that you're never out of the loop.

WooCommerce integration features

  • Send and receive SMS: Send confirmations, receipts, shipping info & alerts and more to your customers
  • Send rich MMS and mobile landing pages: Create mobile rich customer journeys your customers will love
  • Automate sale notifications: Trigger an SMS alert so you know when a new sale has been made

Getting started

If you are new to MessageMedia, please sign up and create an account. Then to get started, create a Zapier account and connect to MessageMedia. All done! Pick a zap template below or build your own.

WooCommerce & MessageMedia Zapier templates

WooCommerce integration screenshots

Ready to go?

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